October 31st, November 1st & 2nd, 2014


Pop Culture Car Show Featuring:

Back to the Future’s DeLorean

P1010023 We’re Terry and Oliver Holler and we are traveling to the future in our DeLorean Time Machine (that we built!) through all 50 states to raise awareness and funding for Parkinson’s Research. Our mission is called, ‘To The Future’ and we’d like you to come with us. 100% of the donations collected will benefit the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research, through Team Fox.

Indiana Jones Truck

IMG_8163 This original 1952 Army Troop Transport was seen in INDIANA JONES AND THE KINGDOM OF THE CRYSTAL SKULL. Before it came to Canada as part of the Ravenwood Museum collection it was at the INDIANA JONES AND THE ADVENTURE OF ARCHAEOLOGY exhibit that ran from October 2012 until April 2013 at the Discovery Science Center (in Santa Ana, CA). After the exhibit ended it was deemed to difficult to have the truck stay with the traveling props & artifacts (due to it’s size and weight) and the rest is history. The truck is an impressive 28 feet long and weighs in at 2.5 tons (hence it’s nickname of ‘deuce and a half’). It has a top speed of 40 miles/hour and can easily carry 12 men with gear in the rear.

The Mystery Machine

IMG_7581Another classic from our childhood, this Scooby-Doo van was hand painted, and calls Dauphin and Brandon home.

*This vehicle is fan made

 Dukes of Hazzard – General Lee

generalleeBrought to you by Dave Radey

*This vehicle is fan made

Darth Vader Roadsder


If Darth Vader drove a hot rod, it would be this one. As Lord Vader underwent a gruesome transformation, so did Ron Folbert’s 1937 Dodge.

The car started as a 1937 Dodge Business Coupe. The running boards, grille, front fenders, and hood were sold and the plan moved ahead.A 350 Chevy small block engine from a ’78 Corvette was installed along with a TH400 transmission. Rear fenders were brought out 2 1/2 inches and the engine moved back 4 to 5 inches to shorten up the car itself. After the car was primed in black, it really occured to me to create the “Darth Vader” theme. His face was moulded into the firewall to create a “pushing” effect.

To come full circle, the car was personally autographed by David Prowse, the towering actor who is Darth Vader in Star Wars and remains a cherished part “Vader”, a likeness of his legend.

*This vehicle is fan made

Evil Kenevil Bike


Brought to you by Dave Radey

*This vehicle is fan made

Conan Bike

conanThis is truely Conan’s Bike. This is a venon big bear chopper with artwork inspired from Ken kelly’s paintings of Conan and the Red Sonja Dynamite Comics series!

*This vehicle is fan made

Lord of the Rings Bike

LOTROne does not simply walk into Mordor – one rides! Especially on this custom built ultima chopper with all original art inspired by the Lord of the Rings.

*This vehicle is fan made

Punisher Car

More info coming soon!

*This vehicle is fan made

A-Team Van

More info coming soon!

Arena Attractions Include

Lightsabre Duels/Demos – River City Jedi

Clip from River City Jedi @ 2012 C4 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=REP7K7brivo http://rivercityjedi.webs.com/

International Quidditch Association

QuidditchMount your brooms! Quidditch is flying in to C4, and you can try your hand at this exciting new sport. Brought to you by the International Quidditch Association, there will be learn-to sessions open to all attendees all three days. There are also real-life quidditch players available at the quidditch booth to answer all your follow-up questions, such as “how does a snitch work” and “how can I start a team?”. See you on the pitch!

SCA – Medieval Duels


The Barony’s territory covers the province of Manitoba, Canada, with most members living in and around the city of Winnipeg. The Barony of Castel Rouge hosts three or four local events each year, where we hold tournaments, play games, and have feasts. In addition we hold a number of dessert revels (parties), and regular meetings and practices for dancing, cooking, archery, sword and rapier combat, and other activities. http://www.castelrouge.ca/

 Prairie Caravan Tribal Bellydance


Prairie Caravan Tribal Bellydance is a troupe of women that dance “Tribal Style”. This is very different from traditional bellydance as there is very little, if any, choreography. You may have seen the ladies dance at the Cook’s Creek Medieval Festival this spring, or at any number of other events in the city over the years. Prairie Caravan is the first ever tribal troupe to be formed in Winnipeg, and they are proud to state their troupe represents 5 decades of age ranges! Their troupe motto? Forget what you THINK you know about bellydance . . . www.prairiecaravan.com

 illuminari bohemian bellydance ensemble

illuminari bohemian and pirates

‘bohemian’ a person or persons interested in art, music, and literature… that is the beginning of a definition that is a good start to describing this Winnipeg based ensemble of dancers and drummers. Dancing from a foundation that embraces both tribal and classical forms of bellydance, these dancers bring stories to life through their music and movement.

If you have had the opportunity to see them perform (this will be their 5th year at C4!) in the past, you know that they always have something new and exciting in store for their audiences; if you have never seen them, you are in for something very special. Klingon warriors, neo-Bedouin travelers, dancers in the palace of the Raj or pirates off to sea seeking adventure — are just a few of the many stories they have told since their formation nearly a decade ago.

So mark off your calendars, check that time and make it part of your C4 weekend to come and enjoy illuminari bohemian — “let our music and movement take you on a journey”. Please visit them at www.illuminaridance.com

Devils Legion Paintball Club


Devils Legion Paintball Team / Milsim Team Paintball Our web site: www.devilslegion.ca / www.milsimteampaintball.ca Our league is involved with milsim paintball in Manitoba. HIRE A MERCENARY at comic con this year! Come visit the Devils Legion/Milsim paintball booth to hire your own personal mercenary.  Select from our team to provide you with personal body guards to protect you as you walk around.  Or why not hire us to hunt down a suspected zombie! For more details or to hire a mercenary please visit our booth.

Drawn And Plastered

drawnplasteredFounded May 2011, Drawn and Plastered is Winnipeg’s first and only themed art event – normally taking place at 18+ venues (excluding conventions – this time it’s all ages!), it is a unique take on the “Drink and Draw” event popularized by the Drink and Draw Social Club of L.A. and Dr. Sketchy’s of New York. Wondering what a “Drink and Draw” is? Think life drawing class but with clothed models! What makes Drawn and Plastered different is our models dress to a theme. For C4, you will be treated to not one theme, but one theme per day! Friday’s theme will be “Twisted Disney”, Saturday’s; “Borderlands II” and on Sunday we will be decked out in full Steampunk attire! For more info head over to our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/drawnandplastered

Costume Alliance

The COSTUME ALLIANCE is an all-volunteer group for like-minded individuals who wants to bring quality costuming to life. Here we can display our talents and creative ability through community events, charity events and promotional needs all done on an individual or voluntary basis. The COSTUME ALLIANCE is a no-profit mini organization that is recognized by the Children’s Wish Foundation and does regular events for the organization. The COSTUME ALLIANCE was put together to bring all costuming fans together and is proud to bring this shared interest to great use through fundraising and charity work. The COSTUME ALLIANCE welcomes costumes from all kinds of pop culture. Whether its movies, comics, anime or video games the Costume Alliance welcomes all genres to the group. We value all members and their passion and detail that goes into these costumes and if you want to be a part of this please submit an application and come join a dedicated group of fans who love to have a good time and raise money for a worthy cause. The COSTUME ALLIANCE began in 2011 and since has grown into an organization that is fast growing and has vast collection of characters and the cast keeps growing, so join today and get ready to have fun.

 Manitoba Chess Association


Play and learn from Manitoba’s Premiere Chess society.  Play on the BIG board, or play tournament style on one of their official boards.

 Closing Ceremonies

C4 Closing Ceremonies

Hey everyone, what’s a great way to wrap up another awesome C4??  CLOSING CEREMONIES of course!

What better way to finish off a con than on a big high? Don’t let the end of a great weekend get you down. This year we are “Getting Artsy” and jam packing all your greatest Fan Made Videos, Dances, Speeches, Demos, Songs and LIVE SKITS all together in one massive never been done before event. Think of it like The Oscars, The Grammys and The Tonys all in one! Hosted by Kid Remington and Kendall Marie it’s sure to be top notch entertainment! Time to get your art on everyone!

The event will be taking place in the main programming theatre.  We are looking for anyone and everyone to come out and strut their stuff. We also hope to be showing a few videos of this year’s happenings, handing out surprises to the audience and prizes to the contestants.

If you are interested in entering some entertainment – please contact kidremingtonatgmaildotcom  (kidremingtonatgmaildotcom)   or through his Facebook page, there is limited space for entrants so get your name in before things fill up! Your skit, pre shot video, dance, demo should be no longer than five minutes. Also – we have saved the best for last! Included in the program will be awesome news about events in the upcoming year! So we know this is another in a long line of events that you won’t want to miss!

Attending Clubs

Aikon C3
Airsoft Manitoba 1034
Assentworks second floor
Barony de Castel Rouge C16
Chess Club second floor
Costume Alliance C7, C8, C9
Das Zombie C15
Dr. Who C6
Dream Factory 1030
Geeks Pro Club / Halo Tourney second floor
Iacon C5
Illuminari Dance Troupe C17
International Quiddich Association 1013
Kidsport 1014
Manitoba Museum 1023
Men’s Banner Project 1022, 1033
Milsim Paintball C13, C14
Movie Companies C19
Prairie Caravan C1
River City Jedi (TJ Kischook) C11, C12
Skullspace second floor
STW / Generations 1035
Tomodachi Anime Club 1024
Video Game Tournaments / Ariel second floor
Vaders Fist 501st C10
Wild Prairie Furs C2
Winnipeg Paranormal Group C4
Winnipeg Roller Derby C18