October 31st, November 1st & 2nd, 2014

Closing Ceremonies with the Joker!

Hey Everyone, what’s a great way to wrap up C4?? This year we are doing a closing ceremonies event!! That’s right – Just like the Olympics!!!

Hosted by Kidremington – this event will be in the main programming room. He is looking for costumers to strut their stuff in a skit show. Also – he will be showing a few videos of things that happened this year, handing out some more prizes and hand handing out a few surprises.

If you are interested in entering a skit – please contact kidremington, there is limited space for these, they should be no longer than five minutes.

Why is Kid doing this? Well – we asked him! here’s what he says:

“Traditionally we award costumers for their costumes. There is also a massive contingency of art at C4 – drawn art, I think there is a piece missing to the puzzle that is C4. We need to celebrate the Cos-PLAY portion of it a little more – introduce the characters behind the costumes – what brings the costume to life – so to speak. Also, what’s as big as anything?? YouTube! – we need a showcase for anyone shooting their own video material and we need to give it an avenue to be seen and enjoyed. This will be an introductory year to this event – so I expect bare bones – but I am bringing a few tricks to hopefully illustrate what I am talking about and we can plant the seeds for next year. We have a GREAT GROUP of costumers in this city and surrounding area – I know they have it in them. This has worked great at other cons I have been to – I think Winnipeg would be awesome for it!”

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