October 31st, November 1st & 2nd, 2014

Artist Guests

This year’s special artist guests range from the most talented names in comics, writing and illustration.


neal2 NealAdams_portrait neal1

Neal Adams

Neal Adams is a commercial artist, a cartoonist, and of course a comic book artist. Inspired by illustrators Bob Peak, Bernie Fuchs and Al Parker, he developed a top level illustration portfolio.

His Batman work serves as a prototype and inspiration for every illustrator of the character to this day. The caliber of this work with writer Dennis O’Neil (who also worked with Neal on the award winning Green Lantern – Green Arrow series) is born out as O’Neil remains editor over the entire Batman line to date. Adams topflight work for the two mega publishers continued through the mid-70s when he felt it the time for expansion. Cutting edge advertising animatic work, Tarzan book covers, theatrical costume and stage design, amusement park ride design, and magazine work, including National Lampoon, was part of the expansion that led to the opening of Continuity studios.

Continuity has developed various properties, of it’s own and others including Bucky O’Hare, Skeleton Warriors, CyberRad, Ms. Mystic, Nighthawk, etc. for TV and comics. Continuity may be the top storyboard studio in the world!

Special Signing Opportunity! First Autograph Free! Additional Autographs $10.00
Thursday, October 31st, @ Raven Collectibles
12PM – 2PM: 214 St. Mary’s Rd.
5PM – 7PM: 1839 1/2 Portage Ave.
*Neal Adams charges $20.00 an autograph all events


Ethan Van Sciver

Ethan Daniel Van Sciver is an American comic book artist, best known for illustrating a number of titles including Green Lantern, Superman/Batman, New X-Men, and The Flash: Rebirth.

SupermanDoomsdayFinPaintingprint  mark4  WonderWoman#1FinPaintingLoRes2

Mark Sparacio

Successful illustrator Mark Sparacio studied sequential art for three years under the legendary Will Eisner —recognized as the creator of the graphic novel— at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. While still in school, Sparacio received his first contract job to do a painting for the movie poster for the United Artist film, The Draughtsman’s Contract. This opportunity resulted in a long run as a freelance illustrator for the advertising industry.

When the market for illustration collapsed, the door opened for Sparacio to return to the medium that is his first love—comic books. In addition to painting covers for Billy Tucci’s Shi, D.C. Comic’s Green Lantern, Comics Buyer’s Guide and Alter Ego, Sparacio has also worked for Marvel Comics, painting covers for Heroes for Hire as well as covers for the Comics Values Annual from 2007 and 2008, and The Overstreet Price Guide for the same two years.

Sparacio recently completed the interior sequential pencils for issue #34 of Jonah Hex, along with painted covers for a new six issue Sgt. Rock mini-series being released by DC Comics. He has also done paintings for card sets for UpperDeck /DC Comics and for Topps’ Wacky Packages and Garbage Pail Kids.

In addition to handling the illustrations for No Quarter, Sparacio is currently penciling and doing painted covers for the new, on-going series Captain Action from Moonstone Comics, based on the classic Ideal Toys action figure (written by former X-Men writer Fabian Nicieza).


Balke ZvsCHRLDRS1_C4 BalkenatorClaws_C4

Jeff Balke

Jeff first started his career by coloring Foxwood Falcons (After Hours Press) in 2007 cover to cover (including the interiors) after he had posted some color work on his Myspace page (before FaceBook became what it is today).  After finishing his first book of Foxwood Falcons #1, Jeff moved onto working on a 2pg spread in the Sire #2 (After Shock Comics).  Which then led him into getting more gigs such as…Jesus Hates Zombies, Velvet Rope, Koni Waves and a few others. Jeff is currently celebrating his 100th comic book he’s worked on! Jeff has been nominated twice for the Eagle Awards and twice for the Shel Dorf Awards, taking home the 2011 Shel Dorf Award for Colorist of the Year (which was the first year of the Shel Dorf Awards).

Not only does Jeff work digitally, but at conventions and signings he’s at, he does something that’s just above and beyond.  He created something in 2008 called Sketch Coloring, which is pretty much almost what it sounds like.  You can bring up most anything black and white (comic book covers, prints/lithographs, sketch from other artists and so on) and Jeff will color it up right there on the spot for you (even while you are standing there waiting).  This is his way of creating a “sketch”.  Most colorists don’t do traditional sketching, so Jeff came up with this to give a unique almost “one of a kind” item to anyone who brings him anything.

You can always see what Jeff’s working on by going to his Fan Page on FaceBook (JbalkesCOLORS) or his website (www.jbalkesart.com).

Ian2SEND LucasofficecropSEND VadersketchASEND

Robert Bailey

Robert Bailey attended Art College in England before careers in television (as a children’s show host), photography and journalism. He created aviation air combat for twenty years before George Lucas noticed his website (www.baileyprints.com) and contacted Robert to ask him to participate in STAR WARS VISIONS. This was an idea that Lucas had to invite a number of artists to create their perspective of Star Wars for a coffee table style book that was eventually published two years later. Robert flew to Skywalker Ranch to meet with Lucas to consult on the project. The movie RED TAILS was then starting production, and Lucas asked to view all of Robert’s paintings from the artist’s fifteen years of experience working with the Tuskegee Airmen. Lucas purchased a number of the large Tuskegee Airmen canvas originals, in addition to Star Wars material. Having become passionate about Star Wars, Robert continues to work in that area almost exclusively, showing and selling pencil originals at Comicons across the continent. Besides George Lucas, Robert’s fans include John Travolta, Carrie Fisher, Linda Hamilton, Ian McDiarmid and Sir Patrick Stewart. George Lucas has the largest collection.


Tommy Castillo

Tommy Castillo is a master artist of the twisted and the macabre. Whether creating a slimy corpse reaching for you or the gentle glance of a mighty dragon, Tommy will capture you with the dynamics of his penciling and the intensity of his palette. With a career spanning eighteen years, Tommy is famed and sought after for his dark humor, brilliant attention to detail, and his love of the darker side of art. Tommy has put paint and pencil to such titles as Batman Detective; Legends of the Dark Knight; Toetags, with Horror legend George Romero; Evil Ernie; Tales From the Crypt; Alice in Wonderland; King Kong; Dragons, Myths, and Mayhem; various storyboards and designs for films; and many more of the macabre based literature. Tommy has been sought out by the fields largest companies: DC comics, Paramount Pictures, Warhammer, Wizards of the Coast, and Image and as offbeat as Rolling Stone magazine. His diverse styling and insane line work have defined him as one of today’s greatest in the field of comics and fine art…and y’know, he renders some of the scariest books of today, and the guy will get as giddy as a schoolboy on Sunday at the sight of a muppet. You gotta love that.

gmb1 gmb2 gmb3

GMB Chomichuk

GMB Chomichuk is a Canadian writer, teacher, mixed media artist, graphic novelist and proud Winnipegger. He won the Manitoba Young Writers Award when he was 15. He won the Manitoba Book Award for Best Illustrated Book in 2011 for his graphic novel serial The Imagination Manifesto. He has been nominated for the The Michael Van Rooy Award for Genre Fiction. His latest graphic novel experiment Raygun Gothic has been nominated as Canada’s Best Graphic Novel for 2013 by the Canadian Science Fiction & Fantasy Association. GMB Chomichuk and David Alexander Robinson are the subject of a new feature length documentary Artist By Night being filmed as you read this.
He is the founder of Alchemical Press and is always on the lookout for literary oddities. He puts words and pictures together. Some people call that alchemy. He calls that comics. You can follow him on twitter @gmbchomichuk and on instagram see some of his work in progress at www.comicalchemy.blogspot.com.

He is here at C4 to promote the upcoming Underworld from Renegade Arts and announce two new projects. Visit his booth for canvas art and originals, books, prints and oddities. Every purchase of The Imagination Manifesto series comes with an original sketch done just for you.

ACI and GMB Chomichuk are pleased to provide a free PORTFOLIO review on Sunday morning.  Artists and writers can bring their pitches preview and portfolios for a professional critique and candid conversation about the job of writing or illustrating for comics or books.  Drop by the booth all weekend for details.


George Frei

George Frei is a highly sought after Illustrator and Concept artist. With a career spanning 17 years, George is best known for his dynamic visual storytelling, imaginative characters, intense color pallet, and fantastic world building. Georges versatile skill set allowed him work for some of the highest profile clients in the industry. His work includes Toy design, Consumer Products for Theme park’s and Restaurants, Branding, Set Design, Character Design, & Conceptual Development. George has worked for such companies as Disney, Universal Studios, Gentile Giant Studios, Lucas Consumer Products, ESPN, Señor Frogs, and Carlos’n Charlie’s to name a few.

George is currently working with his company Treehouse Machine Studios producing his IP’s and book projects. You can see more of George’s work at www.georgefreidesign.com and www.treehousemachine.com

JG_Headshot NEWSpidey NEWVenom1.0

John Gallagher

Born curious and raised on a steady diet of comic books and Saturday afternoon double features sealed John’s fate at an early age and the world was spared another lawyer. Star Wars flipped the switch and come hell or high water he was going to ‘do that’ for a living. Many years and countless drawings later, John started at Bioware in 1996. Time flew by and millions of games sold later it was time for new challenges. He relocated to Vancouver in 2008 to work in film and television.

Currently illustrating Once Upon A Time season three for ABC, John keeps busy doing feature, series and look development for diverse projects like Defiance, Falling Skies and Continuum. During rare downtime, this proud father sips from Russell’s Teapot and contemplates Shrodinger’s Equation, all while visiting with a delightful legion of imaginary friends.


Anthony Hary

Anthony Hary is the EIC of ANA Comics and current artist on “THE MIDNIGHT RAIDER”. Born and raised in Minnesota, Anthony has been an active creator, and vocal supporter of independent comic books since 2003. He and his wife Kat have been a part of Central Canada Comic Con since 2009 and are very excited to come back for their fifth year at what they consider the “Best Convention in Canada”!

greg1 greg2 greg3

Greg Horn

Greg Horn is an American comic book artist best known for his work as a cover artist for Marvel Comics and various other publications. Working primarily as a digital painter, he is well known for his pinup paintings of female characters. In addition to comic book covers, his art has been featured in posters for Basketball at the 2004 Summer Olympics, video game magazines such as Official Xbox Magazine and InQuest Gamer, and several covers and illustrations for the comic book news magazine Wizard. His latest projects include covers for the on-going Ms Marvel series from Marvel Comics, Jenna Jameson’s Shadow Hunter from Virgin Comics, as well as a series of pieces promoting Marvel’s 2008 “event” Secret Invasion.


Lovern Kindzierski

Lovern Kindzierski’s colours have appeared in many comic books, magazines and animation, including Sandman, The X-men, The New Yorker and Wired. He has been nominated as best colourist for the Eisner Awards, Harvey Awards, and Schuster Awards. Lovern won best colourist in the Wizard Fan Awards (twice), as well as the Comic Buyers’ Guide Fan Awards. In his other career, as a writer, he has worked on titles such as Lunatik, Marvel Black & White, Star Wars Tales and The Victorian. His writing on Tarzan garnered him the nomination for best writer in the Harvey Awards.

Lovern is the writer of the ongoing Shame trilogy that is painted by John Bolton. He is presently the colorist of Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book.

 3101489-earth2_15-1-desaad_4jzfjoq3yo_ Ken 3101490-earth-2_15-2-grundy_n6nc5mrtm0_

Ken Lashley

Ken has worked with DC comics-covers for Superboy, Batwing,Redhood and the Outlaws, Ravagers,Stormwatch,Suicide Squad, Blackhawks, Grundy, Desaad. Pencilling and inking the ZOD # 1 for villains month in September with writer greg pak. Designing for the batman office for DC. Lucasfilm artist at the Starwars celebration events. Hasbro concept designer on such brands as Transformers, G.I Joe , Marvel heroes and Starwars.

Catwoman_JN_e Marv_CheetahG Yoda-TF-Colored_e1

Marvin Mariano

Marvin is a professional freelance illustrator/conceptual artist/toy designer who has worked on high profile brands such as Transformers, GI Joe, Barbie and Star Wars. His list of clients include Hasbro, Lucasfilm and Lucas Licensing, Mattel, Marvel Entertainment, DC Comics, Image Comics, Dark Horse Comics, Dreamworks LLC., 20th Century Fox, and National Geographic . Marvin’s work can be seen on the popular shows: ‘Transformers: Beast Machines’ ,’Transformers Armada’, the ‘G.I. Joe: Spy Troops’ movie, Season 3 of ‘Doc’ starring Billy Ray Cyrus, and ‘Carl2′ for Teletoon. As well as Hasbro packaging design and concept illustrations for Armada, Transtech,  and Transformers/Star Wars Crossovers.

In addition, Marvin is also a professional Tattoo artist for ‘Phat Buddha Tattoos’. With several fine locations in Ontario, Canada, he specializes in Realism, Portraits and unique custom body art. You can check out more of his works at www.phatbuddhaelite.com and portfolio illustrations at www.marvinmariano.com

McKone001 Spider001Avengers001

Mike McKone

Mike Mckone’s first published work was Justice League America for DC Comics. Since then his credits include Teen Titans, Fantastic Four and Spider-Man amongst many others. He recently completed the Avengers: Endless Wartime graphic novel for Marvel Comics and is currently penciling Justice League Canada.

  Ashcan_Bender_mitten bio_april_2013 ARKHAM_20_cover_low

Chris Mitten

Chicago, Il, US Illustrator. Working mostly for the Oni Press, Christopher’s most recent work is his highly stylized work on Wasteland.


Richard Pace

Yet another in a seemingly never-ending slew of Canadian artists, Richard Pace has spent most of his adult life slaving away in the art-mines of DC Comics, Marvel Comics, Full Bleed Comics,Wizards of the Coast, Paizo, Microsoft Entertainment, as well as numerous other TV, film, video game, and publishing companies. Past comics work includes drawing and/or writing; New Warriors, Starman, Batman: The Doom That Came to Gotham, Pitt, and Pitt Crew. More recently, he was part of the murderer’s row of artists on Alex DeCampi’s ASHES (currently available via Comixology) to be published by Dark Horse as well as a three-part Bran Mak Morn Story in Dark Horse’s Robert E. Howard’s Savage Sword series. He maintains an art blog at: http://burningmonster.blogspot.com/

gordon1 gordon2 gordon3

Gordon Purcell

Gordon Purcell is an American comic book artist, perhaps best known for his Star Trek work, in particular his photorealistic renditions of the actors who play that franchise’s characters, as well as those of similarly licensed books, such as X-Files, Xena, Lost in Space, Godzilla, The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles, Barb Wire, and The Terminator.

nen1 nen2 nen3


NEN is a concept artist, character/costume designer, illustrator, and low brow artist who occasionally dabbles in comics. Specializing in integrating violence, gore, and horror with the beautiful and the surreal, NEN creates a unique landscape of agonies in emotional detail: gritty mechanics, dirty words, the freedom of water, and the ache of a heart made real.

Currently, NEN works as a character/costume designer and promotional illustrator for various clients. Her characters are uniquely charismatic and her designs come alive on their watercolored pages. She has worked on the card game SHINOBI CLANS by Posthuman Studios, PROJECT: PARADIGM by Eschaton Media, and has published pinups in many collections, anthologies, and comics. NEN is working on a graphic novel called ISCARIOT, various paintings for publication in books slated for release this year, and paintings for a new low brow show she has planned for 2014.

 justuntilicanaffordtobehappy16x20 rockbottom13x19 me

Nigel Sade

His art in form is Symbolism represented in either a realism fashion or Symbolic Abstracts, and in function it questions basic ideas we hold dear as a people. It is mostly driven by philosophical motifs and just plain old strangeness. Nigel’s belief is that art should spur conversation, not just match ones curtains. Now you may ask, “What does all this have to do with piracy?” Well, he was always a grungy, bandana wearin freak. His family was and is highly Piratical What with their last name Rogers all the family businesses are Jolly Roger this and Jolly Roger that … Not to mention their propensity for Rum. So with his families’ nautical background and the new Pirate craze, the public proclaimed him a pirate, and a pirate he was. Yet, having always loved pirates, one can say Nigel got peanut butter in his chocolate!


Brent Schoonover

Brent is a Minnesota based illustrator who splits his time doing commercial projects like illustrating Boo Berry and Count Chocula cereal boxes, and doing comic books like Toy Story for Boom! He also illustrated the critically acclaimed graphic novel Mr. Murder is Dead from Archaia, and The Activity: Sigint Files for Image Comics. His current project is Integer City, currently running in Dark Horse Presents.

jim1 jim2 jim3

Jim Su

Jim is a veteran of the visual effects industry. His credits include Resident Evil Extinction, Resident Evil Afterlife, Resident Evil Retribution, Mama and Tron: Legacy. His very first CGI job was at Mainframe Entertainment, working on television projects such as Action Man, Spider-Man, and the groundbreaking Canadian series, ReBoot. He just finished 300: The Rise of an Empire and is currently working on Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

His illustrations have been seen on toy packages for Bakugan and Matchbox. He is also the publisher of The League of Super Evil, Storm Hawks, The Art of ReBoot and ReBoot: Forever.

Dragonlord Sinn Tyler WalpoleTyler Walpole BW headshotTMNT Tyler Walpole

Tyler Walpole – postponed

Tyler Walpole is a freelance illustrator with 10+ years of experience. He has a focus on fantasy, sci-fi, and superhero art. Clients include Marvel Entertainment, Blizzard, Wizards of the Coast, DC Comics, Paizo, Dynamite, and IDW. Check out his new comic, Dropout at http://www.monkeybraincomics.com/2013/07/18/dropout-0/

Tyler Walpole is a freelance illustrator with 10+ years of experience. He has a focus on fantasy, sci-fi, and superhero art. Clients include Marvel Entertainment, Blizzard, Wizards of the Coast, DC Comics, Paizo, Dynamite, and IDW. Artist on the new Money-Brain title, “Dropout” written by Phil Hester.


Sarah Wilkinson

Sarah has been professionally working in the trading card/comic book industry for over 9 years. Her first job was for Topps and Lucasfilm, designing sketch cards for the Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith movie trading card set. She was one of the youngest artists to be an officially approved Lucasfilm artist.

Since then, she has worked on many properties in the trading card world, including Indiana Jones, Star Trek, My Little Pony, Dr. Who, Bettie Page, Marvel and DC Comics properties including Iron Man,Spider-Man, Batman, Wonder Woman and MANY more. Her art has been used on comic book covers, as comic book pinups, story illustrations, independent movie posters, children’s Halloween masks, children’s books, even remote control cars and toys for Disney.

Currently, Sarah has been reinvigorated in her pursuits as an artist.She switched from acrylics to oils and is currently developing her fine art body of work, while also still working with properties. Sarah can also be called a crazy cat lady and a foodie!

marc1 marc2 marc3

Marc Wolfe

Marc Wolfe is most know for his comic book & sci-fi fantasy illustrated covers and poster work. His work on Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Red Sonja, as well as his realistic renditions of today’s greatest superheroes has gained him popularity among the comic book fans.

We’re adding new guests all the time!